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Is The Amazon Gift Card Free

Reloading Amazon Gift Cards Online

FREE Amazon Gift Card

Once you have your Amazon account site up, you can reload your balance at any time, either with more free gift cards from sites like Swagbucks, or from your credit or debit card. Amazon even lets you apply custom balances from prepaid Visa & Mastercard Rewards cards. You never have to miss out on those small balances left over after a big purchase on prepaid cards.

Take Surveys With Survey Junkie And Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

Survey Junkie allows you to sign up for many survey companies all in one platform to make it easier for you.

You earn points by taking surveys, and you can then redeem your points for cash or to earn Amazon gift cards for free.

You simply just need to build a profile on Survey Junkie and they will match you to surveys.

Amazon Gift Card Promotion : How To Get $42 Free Right Now

There are so many incredible deals available right now on Amazon. As a matter of fact, Amazon kicked off a huge sale packed with epic deals on everything you can think of. Looking for some highlights? First and foremost, Amazons #1 best-selling COVID-19 home test kits are in stock and on sale with a surprise discount. More tests are also in stock, and you can see them all in our earlier COVID-19 rapid test coverage. Apples brand new AirPods Pro with MagSafe are down to $189.99 and AirPods 3 are on sale at an all-time low of just $139.99. Those deals both disappeared after Cyber Week, but now theyre back! But are any of those sales as good as an Amazon Gift Card promotion though? Were not so sure.

Of note, other AirPods models are also discounted right now, which is great. Amazons #1 best-selling Beckham Hotel Collection bed pillows with 114,000 5-star reviews are on sale for $15 each. Additionally, there are shockingly deep discounts on dozens of like Fire TV Sticks and Echo Buds headphones.

More Amazon Deals from BGR

    But there are also some Amazon gift card promotions that anyone and everyone needs to take advantage of right away. Well, anyone and everyone who is eligible, that is.

    Make sure you read all the way to the end because there are so many deals you need to see.

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    Set Your Earning To Autopilot

    There are so many ways to earn Amazon gift cards for free, its hard to know where to begin.

    A good place to start is with the low-hanging fruit: earning gift cards for things you already do. For many people, thats shopping. If thats the case for you then Swagbucks, Rakuten, and Ibotta are all great options. Once you set up your free accounts, you can earn rewards with each site automatically.

    Next, move on to the options that interest you most. For example, if you enjoy learning about new games, then you might want to check out an app that rewards you for this kind of activity. If, on the other hand, you like to share your opinion and influence brands, then paid online surveys might be your best option.

    You may find that some apps arent worth your time, especially if a more legitimate side hustle could earn you more money. If thats the case, drop it and move on to the next. However, if you prefer to specifically earn Amazon gift cards, theres no shortage of options.

    Places To Get A Free Amazon Gift Card Fast

    amazon gift card png 20 free Cliparts

    There are a thousand and one places where you can win free Amazon gift cards, but the ones Ive listed below are some of the best. Why are they the best?

    • They send the free Amazon gift codes fast.
    • They allow you to redeem for free gift cards without having to earn too much .
    • They are legitimate sites that will actually pay out. They are not a scam and wont leave you hanging.

    So without further ado, here are some of my favorite sites and services that will pay you in free Amazon gift cards.

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    Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards With Swagbucks

    With Swagbucks, I am able earn Amazon gift cards every month with very little work. And, I have been using Swagbucks for free gift cards for many, many years.

    In fact, I have earned over 100 Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks, and they were all free!

    They have surveys you can take and there are countless other ways to earn points, like by simply using their search engine, watching a short video, download their browser extension, shopping online, playing games online, and more.

    With Swagbucks, you just earn points, which you can then trade in to earn Amazon gift cards for free.

    You can sign up for Swagbucks here, and youll receive a free $5 bonus just for signing up through my link. Its super easy to apply for Amazon gift cards for free!

    Survey Junkie Earn Amazon Gift Cards By Taking Surveys

    There are tons of places to take surveys online that will pay you via PayPal cash or a free Amazon gift card. Not all survey sites are legit, though, so be careful. One of my favorite survey apps is Survey Junkie.

    Survey Junkie is a legitimate way to earn extra cash while you are waiting for the bus, on your lunch break, or even when vegging on the couch. I like to earn money with Survey Junkie as I wake up in the morning.

    I like this platform because its easy to use, and you can take surveys on-the-go from your phone. Plus, they offer so many surveys that theres never any shortage of money-earning opportunities .

    You wont get rich, but you can make a buck or so per survey. Each will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete, and you can cash out your points for Amazon gift cards! Eligibility: Survey Junkie is 100% free and they make it easy to sign up with Facebook, Google+, or any email address. Members need to be 13 or older and reside in the USA, Canada, or Australia .

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    Free Instant $250 Amazon Gift Card From Brex

    by Gary Leffon July 28, 2021

    This morning I wrote about a 20% transfer bonus from Brex points to miles. I have a stash of 215,000 points thanks to a signup bonus and a Paypal deal some of the easiest 215,000 points Ive ever accrued.

    As if the Brex deal hadnt been good enough already, I received an email from them today: Your Amazon Gift Card

    From the subject line it seemed either like it must be,

    • Spam or phishing impersonating Brex
    • A pitch to redeem points for gift cards

    I clicked on the email and found a message that simply said,

    Brex wants to thank you.

    Here is a small token of our appreciation. We hope you enjoy it.

    And a link to claim a $250 Amazon gift card no strings attached. Wait, wut?

    Again, I was still a little bit skeptical. I didnt even want to use the link on the website to deposit the gift card so I went to Amazon.com myself, copied the gift card claim code, and entered it on their site. It worked.

    Why on earth Brex is giving me $250 when I currently have $0 in my Brex account I dont know. Perhaps its because I have $0 there, and havent used the account much since qualifying for my initial bonus.

    But its clear that if you have a Brex account you should be looking at your email box for an email,

  • From Brex
  • With the subject line Your Amazon Gift Card
  • It looks like junk, at least it did to me, but it is not.

    + Realistic Ways To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards


    Vital Dollar may receive compensation from companies, products, and services covered on our site. For more details, please read about how we make money.

    Do you love to shop on Amazon? If so, shopping with free Amazon gift cards is even better.

    You can buy just about anything on Amazon, so there is almost no limit to what you can do with an Amazon gift card. Its probably the next best thing to cash.

    Fortunately, there are plenty of easy ways to earn Amazon gift cards, and anyone can take advantage of these offers. In this article, well look at more than 20 different ways you can get your hands on them .

    The options are broken into a few categories and you can use the table of contents below to jump to any specific section in the article.

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    Play Games On Your Mobile Device

    Online surveys arent the only way to earn Amazon gift cards some apps let you earn rewards playing games instead. These apps reward you with points you can exchange for cash or gift cards to your favorite places.


    Rather than trivia or matching games, Lucktasticis an app for both iOS and Android users that allows you to play scratch-off lottery tickets virtually.

    Its free to join, and you can win gift cards, including ones for Amazon, tokens to play more games, or cash. Cash prizes can range from $2 to $1,500.

    To earn tokens for more chances to win, you can refer friends using your special referral link. When they sign up, youll receive 1,000 tokens.

    You can learn more about ways to win with the app in our Lucktastic review.

    Mistplay is a loyalty platform for gamers that allows you to earn rewards to redeem for gift cards to places like Amazon, iTunes, and video-game outlets. You can earn those points, or what it refers to as units and gems, by playing mobile games and completing in-game purchases.

    How many points you need to redeem a gift card varies from retailer to retailer.

    The premise of AppNana is to reward users for downloading apps and completing small tasks. Points are called nanas and can be earned for things like:

    • Logging in every day

    You can convert your nanas to gift cards or cash out with PayPal.

    Our Readers Always Come First

    The content on DollarSprout includes links to our advertising partners. When you read our content and click on one of our partners links, and then decide to complete an offer whether its downloading an app, opening an account, or some other action we may earn a commission from that advertiser, at no extra cost to you.

    Our ultimate goal is to educate and inform, not lure you into signing up for certain offers. Compensation from our partners may impact what products we cover and where they appear on the site, but does not have any impact on the objectivity of our reviews or advice.

    Your daily routine can earn you free gift cards to popular retailers like Amazon. Here are simple ways you can set your reward accumulation on autopilot.

  • Side Hustles
  • Our number one goal at DollarSprout is to help readers improve their financial lives, and we regularly partner with companies that share that same vision. If a purchase or signup is made through one of our Partners links, we may receive compensation for the referral. Learn more here.

    Did you know there are dozens of ways to get free Amazon gift cards?

    It may sound like a scam, but its not. There are plenty of ways to get free gift cards to many other retailers as well.

    So while you still have to do something to unlock these free Amazon gift card codes, all of these tasks require minimal time and effort.

    In This Article

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    Amazon Prime Credit Card

    If you make a lot of purchases on Amazon , you may want to consider signing up for the Prime credit card. Youll earn 5% cash back for every purchase made at Amazon using this card. That cashback really adds up if you buy a lot at Amazon.

    Once youve earned the cashback, youll have the option to apply it towards any purchase, just like you would be able to use an Amazon gift card.

    How Many Sites Should I Join

    Free $25 amazon gift card

    With so many different survey and rewards sites/apps mentioned in this article, you may be wondering how many you should sign up for. Really, it depends on how aggressive you want to be when it comes to maximizing your rewards. The more sites you sign up for, the more potential youll have to earn rewards. But signing up for a lot of sites can also be overwhelming.

    My advice would be to start with just a few sites , and then you can add more later on if you want to increase the rewards that you can earn.

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    Bonus Tip 1 Offered By Late Deliveries

    One of the benefits Amazon famous provides to their Prime Members is their free-two-day shipping. But its possible to meet a late delivery. When Amazon failed its guarantee, let the customer service know, especially youre a Prime member. Amazon will help but they may offer a gift card code as compensation.

    Recommend actions from Amazon.

  • Confirm estimated delivery date and address
  • Wait 48 hours to allow for unexpected delays
  • After 48 hours contact customer service for additional help
  • Sign Up With Personal Capital For A Free $20 Amazon Gift Card

    Personal Capital, my favorite and free financial tracker app, will give you a $20 Amazon gift card just for signing up. Its that simple.

    There is a reason I wrote such a comprehensive Personal Capital Review and log into myself every single day. It really does help me track everything I need to know about my money investment performance, cash flows, budgets, and early retirement trajectory. This is the best money app period.

    We talk a lot on this blog about how to make more money, get free gift cards, start side hustles, and increase our income at work. But building wealth isnt about how much money you make, its about how much money you keep.

    Personal Capital will help you track and build your wealth slowly, and is one of the best tools on your journey to financial freedom.

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    Ways You Can Get Amazon Gift Cards For Free

    Indeed, you can get Amazon gift vouchers without paying a dime

    Who doesnt adore Amazon? Not exclusively would you be able to discover pretty much anything on the site, however you additionally can discover it at an incredible cost.

    In case youre a devotee of Amazon, youll presumably cherish scoring free Amazon gift vouchers. Whats more, there are numerous approaches to get them on the web. Following are a portion of our faves.

    Whats more, for additional approaches to score Amazon gifts, likewise look at 10 Things That Really Are Free on Amazon.

    1. Amazon Trade-In

    Why not turn your garbage into treasure? Send books, computer games, tablets, tablets, shrewd home gadgets and more to the Amazon Trade-In program. Youll receive Amazon gift vouchers consequently, as we detail in 9 Companies That Sell Your Stuff For You.

    Its additionally an incredible method to get out the messiness.

    Shop on the web, round out studies, watch recordings these are everything you can do through Swagbucks to acquire focuses. Acquire enough focuses, known as SBs, and you can reclaim them for unconditional present cards, including Amazon gift vouchers.

    Your alternatives as of now range from a $3 Amazon gift voucher, for which youll require 300 SBs, to a $500 Amazon gift voucher, for which youll require 50,000 SBs.

    2. Amazon Mastercards

    Glad lady utilizing charge card for seasonal shopping?

    3. Raise

    4. Shopkick

    You can reclaim kicks for blessings cards, including Amazon gift vouchers.

    Shop With Rakuten & Earn Free Gift Cards

    Free Amazon Gift Card Codes – Free Amazon Gift Card

    Get a $10 signup bonus from Rakuten that you can trade in for gift cards!

    Rakuten is another cashback/coupon shopping site. Unlike Ibotta, Rakuten works through online stores only.

    But heres a pro-tip: the workaround is to shop online and pick up your items in the local store if you prefer visiting retailers like Best Buy, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, or Kohls. I use this trick all the time to make sure Im maximizing rewards for every type of purchase I make.

    What I like most about Rakuten is the handy browser extension that will alert you if the store youre shopping at has a cashback offer. It will also search for promo codes automatically and apply the best one that saves you the most on your shopping cart.

    Rakuten and Amazon recently terminated their business relationship. While you cant trade in your Rukaten earnings for Amazon gift cards specifically anymore, you can get a check mailed to your address that you can cash into your bank account.

    Sign up and get a $10 welcome bonus today. Also, you can earn an easy $20 reward for any friends that you refer, also.

    And if you like Rakuten, give Honey a try, too. Honey searches the web and compares it to your online shopping cart which can help you save money elsewhere. The Honey browser extension works well with Amazon online shopping.

    Next Steps

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    Td Bank Student Chequing Account Offer:

    $75 Amazon.ca Gift card: Open a TD Unlimited Chequing Account with a student discount, or a TD Student Chequing Account, and you could get a $75 Amazon.ca gift card. To qualify, you will need to complete any 3 of the following prior to December 27, 2021. Contact TD Bank for more details:

    • Set up a recurring government or payroll direct deposit
    • Make an online bill payment
    • Complete an e-Transfer
    • Set up a pre-authorized transfer service or Simply Save to a TD Savings account
    • Make an online purchase using your TD Visa Debit card
    • Apply for and be approved for overdraft protection


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