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What Gift Cards Can You Buy On Amazon

Alaska Bear Silk Sleep Mask

What Can You Buy With Amazon Gift Card?

Struggling to get enough sleep every night? Wake up every morning with pillow crinkles across your face and crusty drool all over the place? This very affordable silk sleep mask could help turn things around. The friction-free texture protects the delicate skin around your eyes while you sleep, and the masks organic silk hydrates skin while youre sleeping, easing dark circles. The mask is hypoallergenic and offers full coverage, so you can ease into blackout darkness even in the middle of the day. Its a great option for frequent travelers, people who work night shifts or just anyone who likes to catch a few zs in the afternoon.

With An Amazon Gift Card You Or Your Gift Card Recipient Will Have Thousands Of Products At Your Fingertips

An Amazon gift card is available as a physical card or an online code thats redeemable towards literally millions of products at Amazon. These flexible gift cards are the ideal gift as they have no special requirements to purchase or redeem and unlike most traditional gift cards, they never, ever expire.

Amazon gift cards can be purchased in almost any amount, from as little as £1 to as much as £1,000. Your gift recipient can spend the value of their gift card immediately upon receiving it or can deposit it into their Amazon account and wait for that bargain sale of a lifetime.

Best of all, any unspent gift card credit can be rolled over for another shopping experience. Upon using an Amazon gift card, if any balance remains unspent, it will simply be kept in the recipients Amazon account for future use.

Let them pick the perfect gift

Buy Grocery For Yourself

If the above methods are too much for you to handle, you can always use your gift card to shop from your favorite websites. While Amazon gift card is not a widely accepted payment method, therere a few instead of cash.

So next time when youre shopping online, dont forget to use your Amazon gift card balance. This way, youll get full value for your money and can avoid the hassle of following tedious steps.

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Barefoot Dreams Throw Blanket

Wildly popular and much adored, the Barefoot Dreams throw blanket has been an internet sensation since Chrissy Teigen raved about it in late 2019. Our reviewer said the blankets reputation is well-deserved, saying it ruined all other blankets for her. It’s truly one of the softest throws I’ve ever owned , she explained, noting it hits just the right balance of cozy and warm yet breathable and not too heavy. Amazon buyers agree, writing in their reviews that its super soft, the best blanket ever and worth every penny.

Where Can I Buy Amazon Gift Card Which Grocery Store Sells Amazon Gift Card

Where to Buy Amazon Gift Cards

What is an Amazon Gift Card?

Amazon exclusive Gift Cards are used to make your purchases easier and enjoyable. You can get amazing funds and offers with your Amazon gift card on your Amazon account. You can buy your favorite products by paying less and not adding other details. You can redeem your Amazon gift card and use it to make your purchase. Amazon gift cards do not expire and you can use them whenever you want. But once an Amazon gift card is used, you cannot reuse it again.

You can buy your Amazon gift card for $15, $25, $50, and $100. You can also make your custom Amazon gift card deals and packages for as much as you want. Amazon has exclusive offers as well. They have Amazon gift cards that are suited for every event and day. You can get their Christmas Amazon gift cards or even their Halloween-themed ones. Other than that, they have gift cards for Valentines day, mothers days, and fathers day. You might get a free Amazon gift card for your birthday as well.

Where to buy Amazon gift cards?

You can buy Amazon gift cards at Amazon website. Heres a list of the best seller Amazon gift cards available on Amazon website:Also read: Can You Use Superstore Gift Cards for Gas

A lot of the stores sell Amazon gift cards. Walgreens, Publix, Dollar General are to name a few. You can also buy Amazon gift cards at the Amazon website. Heres a short list of the popular stores that sell Amazon gift cards:

  • 7-Eleven

Check out the complete list here.

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Pros And Cons Of Amazon Gift Cards

In todays modern marketplace, consumers demand choice and flexibility when purchasing gifts online. Some advantages of Amazon gift cards include ease of purchase, ease of use and overall flexibility, which makes them the ideal choice for gift buyers globally. Other pros and cons include:


  • With millions of products available on its website, an Amazon gift card provides the recipient with access to an unprecedented range of products in one easy-to-navigate online location.
  • You can load any amount up to £1,000 onto one card, so you can gift as little or as much as youd like.
  • You have the option of an electronic gift card, which means you can purchase a card as late in the game as you like and still get it to the party on time.
  • Your recipient can shop from their computer, laptop, phone or iPad with ease.
  • With fast turnaround and shipping times, as well as state-of-the-art order processing systems, Amazon purchases will generally arrive quickly and well-packaged.
  • A dedicated customer team, including a centre for dealing with problem resolution, is in place to ensure purchase satisfaction.


  • Amazon gift cards purchased on Amazon UK can only be redeemed on the UK website.
  • As its a gift card, the value on your Amazon gift card should be treated like currency. In the case that its lost or stolen, Amazon assumes no responsibility. The recipient must keep their gift card, whether its virtual or a hard copy, safe at all times.

How does an Amazon gift card work?

How Do I Purchase An Amazon Gift Card

Amazon gift cards are available in denominations of $10, $25, $50, and $100. You can purchase them in person at retail stores or online.

When you buy an Amazon gift card, you will receive a physical card with the card number and PIN.

You can also buy digital versions of the cards online which will be sent to your email address for immediate access to your funds. Its up to you to decide how you want to use your funds.

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You Can Buy Amazon Gift Cards On Ebay

Ebay sells several gift cards and they do usually have Amazon gift cards selling on their website. You can choose the buy it now option or bid on one of the gift cards. Some of them come in bundles, while others are individual. Because some items on Ebay may be used you might be buying a Amazon gift card from someone that received them but did not want them. Your attention and care should be used when shopping from this online store.

A Board Game That Everyone Will Enjoy Playing

How to Pay on Amazon Using a Gift Card

Use your Amazon gift card to become the master of game night. I highly recommend getting Codenamesit’s seriously so much fun. The premise simple: One player gives their team a single word clue and the number of cards on the board that clue pertains to and they must then figure out which cards they could be. It’s much easier if you “know” your teammates, so friendships will be tested.

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Our Favorite Electric Toothbrush

It’s finally time to upgrade your toothbrush to an electric one. This one from Oral-B is our and features a two-minute timerbroken up into four 30-second segmentsso you can be sure they’re brushing every section of their mouth for long enough. Seriously, your dentist will be proud.

The product experts at Reviewed have all your shopping needs covered. Follow Reviewed on , , and for the latest deals, reviews, and more.

Prices were accurate at the time this article was published but may change over time.

Can You Use Your Amazon Gift Card To Purchase Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics are the most affordable of the Amazon products, with most items costing less than the other competitors in the market. They are great for people who are looking for a great deal on an item that they want to order from Amazon.

One of the best ways to save money when shopping is by using an Amazon Gift Card. This way you can make sure that you are getting the best deal on your purchase.

If you have a gift card all you need to do is use it when youre checking out and you can redeem the gift card.

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A Portable Speaker To Bring The Jams With You

We could always use a portable speaker to play music at get togethers and to bring the jams with you on the go.This one from Anker is the best affordable Bluetooth speaker we’ve ever tested because it has great sound, 24 hours of battery life, and is pretty reliable no matter where you bring it. You might as well make it a resolution to perfect your playlist in 2020 while you’re at it.

Shop For Someone Else

Where Can You Buy Amazon Gift Cards

Another simple yet effective way to use Amazon gift cards and turn them into cash is by reaching out to friends and family. You can get to know if theyre planning to make a purchase on Amazon and trade your gift cards for cash. Also, you can offer them a 10% discount to create a win-win situation. Needless to say, thatll be a much safer option than selling to some unknown person on Reddit or Facebook.

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Where Can You Buy Amazon Gift Cards

When it comes to Amazon gift cards, the most natural place to grab one is… Amazon.

If you go to the online retailer’s gift cards section, you can choose what style of card you want – as well as whether you want it delivered with a teddy, card or any other optional extra.

First up, decide whether you want to go for an eGift Card, Gift Box, Gift Bag, Print at Home or any other kind of Amazon voucher.

Then, decide how much credit you want on the card, between £1 and £1,000, pick any add-ons, and you’re good to go.

Everyone’s Favorite Pressure Cooker

If you gifter didn’t have the great idea to give you an Instant Pot, then you should get one with your gift card. This cooking gadget is great for anyonewhether you love or hate cooking. Its pressure cooking setting makes it easy to streamline dinner, and it can also sauté, slow cook, and cook rice, so the possibilities really are endless. I have one and I use it nearly every night for making soups, steaming veggies, and cooking grains.

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An Instant Pot That’ll Change The Way You Cook In 2020 It’s A Pressure Cooker Slow Cooker Rice Cooker Steamer Saut Pan Yogurt Maker And Warmer All Rolled Into One Nifty Kitchen Gadget

This handy kitchen gadget has seven functions: rice cooker, pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker, and warmer! Check out our review of the Instant Pot!

Promising review: “This is quite possibly the coolest, most versatile kitchen gadget Ive ever owned. I love it so much that Ive purchased two more for friends and relatives. What can it do? I think the real question is ‘What cant it do?’ I truly believe you could replace every cooking appliance and do EVERYTHING in the Instant Pot. I purchased two sizes for my own use: the three-quart and the eight-quart . Everything Ive tried has been fabulous. In the realm of kitchen appliances, there is no better investment than the Instant Pot. Highly recommended!!!” Stereoman


Thermoflask Stainless Steel Water Bottle

How To Redeem An Amazon Gift Card (And Use Your Gift Card Balance To Buy Stuff)

If youre trying to drink more water in the new year, a shiny new water bottle can really help ease you into that routine. Thermoflasks 24-ounce bottle is made of double-insulated stainless steel and keeps beverages ice cold for 24 hours. Best of all, it comes with two different lids: A leak-proof chug lid with a bigger hole for drinking, and a straw lid in case youre just looking for a little sip. Amazon buyers love it, calling it the perfect bottle in some reviews, and awarding it 4.8 stars with over 30,000 ratings.

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Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards On Prime

Yes, you can use Amazon gift cards on Prime. One advantage of an Amazon Prime membership is the free 2-day shipping.

However, this may not always be convenient for everyone, especially if you need a product right away.

Fortunately, some workarounds take advantage of gift cards and other discounts. This allows them to get around paying for shipping costs on certain items.

I have confirmed that you can use Amazon Gift Cards on Prime.

This means that if the desired item qualifies for free two-day shipping .

You can pay using an Amazon gift card instead of your saved credit/debit card get the discount.

A word of caution: Make sure the item you are buying qualities for free shipping if you use this workaround.

If it does not, and you select gift card payment, they will cancel your order since the purchase did not go through.

Always double-check that your order will qualify for Prime before using Amazons Pay with Points option.

Those Apple Airpods That Everyone Wants

If you were lucky enough to get a pretty hefty gift card, you should treat yourself to a pair of AirPods. You know you want them. They’re honestly worth it, even if you can only pay for some of it via gift card. They’re the best true wireless headphones we’ve ever tested for their great sound and seamless connection to Apple devices.

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Everyone’s Favorite Water Bottle

While VSCO girls may have claimed the Hydro Flask, you can still unironically drink from one . It’s one of the best water bottles we’ve ever tested because it keeps water cold for hours and comes in many stylish colors. Plus, it’s a great way to remind yourself to actually drink water and stay hydrated in the new year.

How Many Gift Cards Can You Use On Amazon

$10 Amazon Credit when you buy $40 in Amazon Gift Cards ...

You can use as many gift cards on Amazons website as youd like. However, there are some exceptions:

  • You cannot buy an Amazon Kindle E-reader with a gift card
  • You cannot purchase any form of Facebook Credits using an Amazon gift card

Other than the cases above, you can use as many gift cards on Amazons website as youd like.

You also have the option to combine your wallet balances into one account. To do this, you must first add all your gift cards to your account and then choose Combine My Wallet.

From there, you will withdraw funds from one balance and deposit them in another or keep it.

You may find it easier to use Amazons website than redeem your gift card in-store, depending on the retailer.

Retailers that allow you to pay with a combination of credit and gift cards include:

  • Sears Holdings
  • Forever 21
  • GameStop

To make purchases online at these retailers or any other, add all of your gift cards as payment options when checking out at either stores shopping cart.

This is how you can take advantage of using multiple gift cards in one purchase at any online retailer.

So, use all the gift cards you have available.

There are no limits to doing so. If you want to take it one step further by combining all your gift card balances into one account, you can do that as well.

The choice is yours, and there are no limitations on how you spend your gift cards.

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A Sleeveless Swing Mini Simple Enough To Work As A Blank Canvas For All Your Accessories This Necklace Your Pencil This Purse Your Paint Together You’re Gonna Make A Style Masterpiece

Promising review: “This dress is so comfortable! The material is stretchy and soft and does not cling to your body. I originally got this dress because I needed something roomy after my shoulder surgery. I’ve already ordered another one in a different color. I really recommend this dress. It’s fantastic!” Susan Kirby

Price: $15.99+

Rainbow Jenga A Great Purchase For Design Lovers And Game Masters Alike

Promising review: “Im very pleased! Smooth-quality paint with solid, heavy wood blocks. Nice colors. Purchased two and wrote on them with a Sharpie to make a custom family game. Love the idea of the colored dice as an added twist. This was a great purchase! Might order another to create a drinking game ) Imneuse

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Wrap Up: Where Can I Use Amazon Gift Card Besides Amazon

With so many ways to get rid of your unwanted Amazon gift card, you can get pretty much all you want in exchange. Given the trend, investing in Bitcoin might be a good option. Alternatively, shopping for your loved ones is a straightforward solution. If not, you can always save the gift cards for future use as


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