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Where Can I Buy Reloadable Gift Cards

Reloading Your Arch Card

Can I Use a Reloadable Gift Card Instead of Using Cash?

You can reload your Arch Card online at any time using your credit card. You can also automatically reload your Arch Cards value by setting up Auto Reload on the McDonald’s Arch Card® Online Reload Website using your credit card . Be sure to keep your activation and reload receipts you will need them to replace a lost or stolen card. To check your Arch Card balance, visit the McDonalds Arch Card Balance Website.

Suspension Of A Player Account

OLG shall have the right to suspend a Player Account at any time in its sole discretion . Without limiting the foregoing, and by way of example only, OLG may Suspend a Players access to their Player Account if it suspects that the Player has improperly initiated a Chargeback or has committed any breach of this Player Agreement, applicable law, Lottery Game Rules, and/or the Pay-to-Play Game Rules.

While a Player Account is Suspended:

  • a Player will be unable to login or access their Player Account
  • a Player will be unable to withdraw any Unutilized Funds unless OLG, in its sole discretion, determines otherwise
  • all Future Game Transactions associated with the Suspended Player Account will be suspended and/or cancelled and
  • a Player may be required to cooperate with any investigations conducted by OLG into the Players conduct prior to the Suspension being lifted . Failure to cooperate with this subsection 12.1 shall be deemed a Material Breach of this Agreement.
  • If, during the Suspension, OLG determines that the Player has committed a Material Breach of this Agreement, it may Deactivate the Player Account in accordance with Section 12.2.

    Reactivation Of A Dormant Player Account

    OLG will retain information relating to a Dormant Account in the iGaming System in accordance with its record retention policies. If a Player Account has become a Dormant Account and is locked, the Player may thereafter contact Player Support to request the reactivation of the Player Account. If a Dormant Account is reactivated, it will have the same account details as those which existed as of the date the Player Account became a Dormant Account. In the event that any of the relevant information has changed , the Player will be solely responsible for updating such information and complying with the terms and conditions of this Agreement which are then in effect.

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    Enjoy These Prepaid Card Benefits

    • The perfect companion to cash and your CIBC debit and credit cards.
    • Available to buy at banking centres, and through CIBC Online Banking® and the CIBC Mobile Banking App®.
    • You can buy up to 5 prepaid cards, one for each currency.
    • Buying and using a prepaid card wont affect your credit rating.
    • Load funds from your CIBC bank account or CIBC Personal Line of Credit, or with your credit or debit card at the Toronto Pearson Airport Banking Centre.
    • Save time when shopping online: use online banking to set up a Visa Checkout account with this card.
    • Free cash withdrawals at CIBC ATMs within Canada.
    • The ATM cash withdrawal fee is waived for one withdrawal outside of Canada per month.
    • Funds don’t expire3.
    • Free 24/7 online access to your account balance and transactions.

    Replacing Lost Stolen Or Damaged Arch Cards

    Barnes and noble gift card

    Uh-oh. Lose your Arch Card? Not to worry – weve got you covered.

    For lost or stolen cards, call 244-6227 immediately to cancel your card. Then complete and send in the Lost/Stolen Arch Card® Form along with your original activation receipt.

    For damaged cards, call 244-6227 immediately to cancel and replace your card.

    Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of replacement Arch Cards.

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    Visa Reloadable Prepaid Card

    Feel The Power Of Plastic With Metcos Reloadable Visa Card

    Metcos Visa ATIRAreload Prepaid Card is a great way to save and spend money!

    Using a prepaid card is a convenient, safe alternative to paying check-cashing fees, buying money orders and paying for money transfer services. The prepaid card allows you to spend only what you have loaded on the card, preventing the temptation to spend beyond your means.

    With your reloadable prepaid card you can:

    • Shop anywhere Visa credit cards are accepted
    • Make purchases and reservations online
    • Pay bills
    • Set up direct deposit to automatically load your paycheck onto the card
    • Purchase up to six secondary cards for family
    • Teach children and teens about budgeting and safe spending

    Simply reload money onto the card by:

    • Stopping into Metco
    • Visiting any Visa ReadyLink Merchant
    • Direct deposit

    Olg Offers Two Types Of Subscription Options As Follows:

  • the consecutive draw option, which provides a Player the option to automatically purchase a ticket for a certain number of consecutive draws in a Draw-Based Lottery Game Played Online in accordance with the OLG Rules Respecting iGaming Lottery Games. The number of consecutive draws available varies from a minimum of two to the maximum number presented to the Player on and
  • the never miss a draw option, which provides a Player with the option to automatically purchase a ticket for an indefinite number of draws in a Draw-Based Lottery Game Played Online in accordance with the OLG Rules Respecting iGaming Lottery Games.
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    Effect Of Deactivation Or Closure Of A Player Account

    Without limiting the foregoing, when a Player Account is a Closed Account or a Deactivated Account:

  • Any scheduled wagers, bets or purchases that have not been completed prior to the Closure or Deactivation will be cancelled
  • the Player will not be entitled to receive any offers for new Bonus Funds, and any existing Bonus Funds associated with the Player Account will be cancelled and the Player will not be entitled to receive any compensation in respect of the cancelled Bonus Funds and
  • this Agreement will terminate, except for those provisions which by their nature are intended to survive the termination of this Agreement.
  • Deactivation Of Player Accounts

    Understanding How Prepaid Cards Work

    OLG shall have the right to deactivate a Player Account at any time in its sole discretion .

    If OLG Deactivates a Player Account, OLG will deposit an amount equal to the Unutilized Funds as at such date into the bank account that is associated with the Player Account , the details of which are stored by OLG on the iGaming System. In the event that no bank account is associated with the Player Account, or if OLG is not able to successfully deposit the Unutilized Funds in such bank account , OLG will use its reasonable efforts to contact the Player using the Player Contact Information. If OLG is unable to contact the Player, then OLG will retain the Unutilized Funds until OLG receives proper instructions relating to the disposition of such funds from the Player or their legal representative.

    Notwithstanding the foregoing, if OLG Deactivates a Player Account as a result of the occurrence of a Material Breach by the Player under this Agreement, OLG shall be entitled to treat any or all of the Unutilized Funds as forfeited by the Player, in which case the Player will not be entitled to have the Unutilized Funds returned.

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    Protection For Unauthorized Purchases

    Use your Visa card to make purchases anywhere and you’re protected from unauthorized use of your card or account information. With the Visa Zero Liability policy1, your liability for unauthorized transactions2 is $0-you pay nothing.

    1 Visa’s Zero Liability Policy covers Canada-issued cards and does not apply to anonymous Visa Prepaid*, Visa Purchasing, Visa Corporate, Visa Commercial, or any transactions not processed by Visa. Visa Cardholders must notify their financial institution immediately of any unauthorized use. For specific restrictions, limitations and other details, please refer to your issuer cardholder documentation.

    *A Visa Prepaid Card will be considered anonymous if the cardholder’s identity has not been validated by the issuing financial institution .

    2 Financial institutions may exclude from the Zero Liability policy a transaction made by a person authorized to transact business on the account and/or a transaction made by a cardholder that exceeds the authority given by the account owner.

    Promoting The Arch Card

    Fries can be a powerful incentive. Reward employees and customers with the McDonalds Arch Card. Get started today. Its easy to incorporate Arch Cards into your business plans.

    Any materials using the McDonald’s logo or picture of the McDonald’s Arch Card are not allowed without prior approval by McDonald’s Creative and Legal Departments.

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    Reloadable Gift Card Faq

    • Where do I find reloadable gift cards to purchase on the ordering site?
    • View the reloadable category in the supporter ordering site. When available, the ‘Reloadable’ option will be displayed in-line with the plastic cards listed in the ‘Buy Cards’ section.
    • Where do I go to reload my card?
    • Find the card in the FundScrip ‘Wallet’ , then click ‘Reload Card’ and follow the instructions.
    • What are the supported payment types when purchasing a reload?
    • Electronic Funds Transfer – reload occurs within one business day of reception of payment.
    • Credit Card – reload occurs within 30 minutes.
    • Online Bill Payment – reload occurs within one business day of reception of payment.
    • How does it work when I purchase a reload with Electronic Funds Transfer ?
    • When paying by EFT, FundScrip will process the reload every business day at 9:30 AM ET.
    • How do I access my previously purchased Reloadable Gift Cards?
    • You can access your reloadable gift cards by logging in to your FundScrip account, and visiting the ‘Wallet’ section.
    • What happens if I lose my reloadable gift card?
    • Please contact us and we’ll do our best to assist you. In general, all gift card sales are final and so there are no refunds or returns with reloadable gift cards.

    This Code Has Already Been Redeemed

    Walmart reloadable gift card

    If you receive this error message, it indicates that this code was not appropriately activated during the point of sale, causing you to be unable to redeem the RP or VP successfully through our store. Unfortunately, because this activation process is the sole responsibility of the merchant, you will have to return to the store to ensure that if you have shared the pin code with anyone else, you were gifted this card, or you purchased the card through a third party vendor, the code may have already been previously redeemed. Please make sure you are redeeming the correct card if you have multiple cards in your possession.

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    Not A Material Breach

    If a Prospective Player or a Player fails to comply with any term or condition of this Agreement or otherwise breaches this Agreement, except in the case of a material breach of this Agreement , OLG will use reasonable efforts to notify the Prospective Player or the Player of the breach and, if such breach is of a nature that can be remedied, provide a reasonable period of time during which the Prospective Player or Player may remedy the breach. If the breach is not remedied to the satisfaction of OLG, then the breach shall be deemed to be a material breach of this Agreement.

    Comparison Of The Top Reloadable Prepaid Cards

    Reloadable prepaid cards are sold in Meijer, Albertsons, Safeway, Food Lion and Hy-Vee as well as many other grocery stores, often times near a wide selection of gift cards. See the chart below for a side-by-side comparison of the some of the most popular reloadable prepaid cards available.

    Top Reloadable Prepaid Cards

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    Is There A Prepaid Debit Card With No Fees

    There are so many credit and debit cards available these days. Their various associated perks and rewards, finding the best reloadable prepaid debit cards with no fees, may seem like a fatiguing task. But we have presented some of the lists of card that we believe are any of the best options on the market.

    Unfortunately, fees are also a fact of life, especially when youre dealing with money these days, it can think to be like you pay fees on your money no matter whether you are trying to earn it , store it , or spend it .

    For some states, prepaid debit cards can be a no-fuss way to cash paychecks and make a few bargains without dealing with bank accounts or credit cards. But even prepaid cards can come with an abundance of stinky fees. So, we have mentioned some of the most fee-free of the bunch in the following to help you find the right prepaid card.

    • The best with no reload fees: NetSpend Visa Prepaid Card.
    • Best with No Monthly Fees: NetSpend® Visa® Prepaid Card
    • Best with No ATM Fees: The American Express Serve®
    • Best with No Signature Transaction Fees: NetSpend® Visa® Prepaid Card
    • Best with No PIN Transaction Fees: PayPal Prepaid Mastercard®
    • The best with No Foreign Transaction Fees: Bluebird by the American Express

    On the above, shortlists arent the only prepaid debit but also credit cards.

    Funding A Player Account

    Reloadable Prepaid Cards

    In order to play Games on, a Player is required to have a positive notional balance of funds in their Player Account. OLG will not extend credit to Players. If a Player Account does not have sufficient funds for a Game at the time that the bet, wager, or purchase is to be made, then the bet, wager or purchase will not be made and the Players entry into the Game will be rejected. A Player is solely responsible for ensuring that their Player Account contains sufficient funds for a Game , and OLG does not undertake any obligation or responsibility for notifying a Player if they do or may have insufficient funds available to play a particular Game prior to rejecting the relevant transaction .

    In addition, subject to certain exceptions, any monetary Prizes from Games that are played through will be loaded to the Player Account by means of a credit to the notional balance of such Player Account. The withdrawal of funds representing such Prizes from a Player Account will be subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. Instructions for claiming non-monetary Prizes will be provided to Players by OLG from time to time.

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    Cibc Smart Prepaid Travel Visa* Card

    • Foreign-currency, reloadable prepaid card
    • Convenient and secure way to shop when youre outside of Canada
    • Available in 4 currencies: U.S. dollars, Euros, Mexican pesos and British pounds
    • Lock in your rate when you load your card and avoid foreign exchange surprises2
    • Note: CIBC prepaid cards cant be used as gift cards
    The amount of the customization fee will depend on the currency of your account.$5.95 CAD or $4.50 USD5
    Foreign conversionTransactions, such as debits and credits, not in the currency of your card are converted into the currency of your card no later than the transaction posting date at an exchange rate that is 2.5% over the rate CIBC must pay.2.5%
    The first ATM withdrawal in each month is free.$3.50
    Lost or stolen card replacement$14.95
    Optional card replacement shipment by courier$15.00

    Redeeming Your Card In Valorant

    Currently, VALORANT prepaid gift cards are only available digitally through Amazon. When you purchase your card, you will receive a unique set of numbers that will serve as your new gift card. With those numbers, simply follow the steps below:

    • Log into the VALORANT game client
    • Click on the VALORANT icon located to the right of the Store tab
    • Select Prepaid Cards & Codes
    • Input the code provided for your card
    • Press Submit

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    Means Of Depositing Funds

    A Player may fund their Player Account by depositing funds with OLG by means of:

  • a Visa or MasterCard credit card issued in Canada by a Canadian bank or financial institution, which the Player is an authorized user, as defined by the Canadian bank or financial institution, to use the Visa or MasterCard credit card for such purpose. Players should be aware that some credit card issuers may treat the funding of a Player Account as a cash advance and charge a fee for each such credit card transaction. Any cash advance fee or other fees relating to the use of a credit card are the Players sole responsibility
  • a Visa Debit card issued in Canada by a Canadian bank or financial institution, which the Player is an authorized user, as defined by the Canadian bank or financial institution, to use the Visa Debit card for such purpose
  • a Debit Mastercard issued in Canada by a Canadian bank or financial institution, which the Player is an authorized user, as defined by the Canadian bank or financial institution, to use the Debit Mastercard for such purpose or
  • No other means of funding the notional balance of a Player Account are permitted as of the date of this Agreement.

    The merchant associated with any deposit transaction will be Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

    Closure Of A Player Account By The Player

    Meijer Reloadable Gift Card

    A Player may close their Player Account at any time by contacting Player Support . If a Player is no longer eligible to have a Player Account , the Player is required to Close their Player Account.

    Upon Closure of a Player Account, the Player Account will no longer be accessible by the Player until such time as the Player has contacted Player Support to request a re-opening of the Player Account and OLG has approved of such re-opening. All Future Game Transactions associated with the Closed Player Account that have not been completed by the time of Closure will be cancelled.

    Notwithstanding the Closure of the account, OLG will retain a Players information in accordance with its record retention policies. For more information on how OLG retains a Players personal information, see the OLG Internet Gaming Privacy and Cookie Policy

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    Viruses Hacking And Other Offences

    The access or use of other than in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement is strictly prohibited.

    A Prospective Player or a Player shall not:

  • knowingly or negligently introduce, or permit the introduction of, any virus, trojan, worm, logic bomb or other material that is or would reasonably be expected to be malicious or technologically harmful to, the iGaming System, any Game or any component of any of the foregoing
  • access or attempt to gain access to, the iGaming System, any Game or any component of any of the foregoing that they are not entitled to access, including the servers on which, the iGaming System or any Game is stored or any server, computer or database connected to, the iGaming System or any Game. The foregoing restriction includes any attempt to bypass any security mechanisms included in, the iGaming System or any Game, including those which are intended to protect the security of Player’s personal information
  • use any software program which, in OLG’s sole determination, is endowed with artificial intelligence in connection with the Player’s participation in a Game
  • attack, whether alone or in combination with others, by means of a denial-of-service attack or a distributed denial-of-service attack
  • copy, disclose , transmit or otherwise make available, or remove or alter, any of the content or material that is made available on or through or

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