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Where To Buy Fanduel Gift Cards

What Are The Benefits Over The Analogues

Where To Buy Discount Gift Cards | Best Online Gift Card Sellers

Of course, you all know that today the market is full of various gift and discount cards for customers. Thus, the owners of shops, restaurants and various webs try to attract our attention, to make our using of their services or products profitable. However, the FanDuel gift or prepaid card is different from the rest. What are FanDuel gift card advantages?

  • In my opinion, one of the main advantages is the quick registration and approval of the FanDuel prepaid card. Within only 12 hours approval, and within an hour sending of funds!
  • Using a card means promotions, bonuses and special offers. FanDuel service glad to give pleasure their customers, who are betting on or playing fantasy sports!
  • I think everyone understand that in order to play cash games in the FanDuel service or place bets on this one, you need to deposit funds to your card. You shouldnt be afraid with the FanDuel gift or prepaid card because the service perfectly protects your funds from someone elses who try to get access to your information. The main thing is to immediately contact the FanDuel managers if you think that anyone has access to your account and directly to the FanDuel gift card. To provide customer safety, the FanDuel performs a series of checks before approving a withdrawal.

Sports Betting Gift Cards Now Available At Retail Stores

by Hasan Nabulsi | Dec 27, 2020 6:45 am | Sports Betting

Sports Betting Gift Cards

  • Sports betting gift cards can be used to make deposits into online sportsbooks.
  • These gift cards include the Game On Card presented by BlackHawk Network and MetaBank and the DraftKings gift card.
  • Sportsbook gift cards can be found in states with legal sports betting including New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
  • Users of the gift cards will have to meet the legal age requirement of their state.

BOSTON With Christmas just one day away, DraftKings and others have unveiled the perfect stocking stuffer for sports bettors everywhere, sports betting gift cards.

The industry has come quite a long way since the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act Of 1992 was repealed in May of 2018. What once seemed to be a taboo activity has been legalized in over half the country and is becoming fully apparent in the public eye.

However, while PASPA was repealed, other federal sports betting laws such the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of 2006 still exist. This law was put in place to stop banks from knowingly handling transactions from unregulated gambling websites.

But even with so many regulated sports betting websites in the United States right now, some banks are still hesitant on processing these types of payments.

Fanduel Gift Card: What Is The Effect Of Using

In my point of view, the effect of use is definitely. After all, we all like reliability, truthfulness and comfort. So, from FanDuel gift or prepaid card we get it all at once. Reliable deposit of funds, replenishment and withdraw. This service is not scammers, which has been proven by many people. And comfort to use. Everything is online and without unnecessary actions, at a time that is convenient for you. Obviously, the effect is positive.

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Are There Any Limits

As you know, any gift card has limitations. And this fact is very important, because knowing all the limits, you can avoid misunderstanding and conflicts. Therefore, I advise to carefully read this part! There is a monetary limit on the card: daily $2,000, weekly $4,500, monthly $10,000. But dont forget about VIP cards, they have some different limits: daily restrictions $10,000, weekly $30,000, monthly $70,000. Remember, its only your responsibility to keep the security and confidentiality of your FanDuel gift card. In addition, upon registration you agree to keep your password to be available only for you.

What Payment Methods Can I Use

FanDuel Gift Cards

So, what are your FanDuel Sportsbook payment options? There is a range of payment methods you can use when you want to make a deposit into your account or a withdrawal. Each method has different minimum/maximum limits, and withdrawals can take up to seven working days, depending on which option you choose.

Note, though, that many banking institutions dont allow transactions to and from gambling companies. Check with your bank if they allow this, or if a fee will be applied to make a FanDuel deposit.

Onto how to deposit money into your account. Your first FanDuel Sportsbook payment option to make a FanDuel deposit is to use a FanDuel Prepaid Card. This is particularly useful if your bank doesnt allow payments directly to a gambling organization. Deposits using this method are added to your FanDuel account immediately.

Bank Transfer is another option if, of course, your bank allows it.

Finally, you can use checks as a FanDuel Sportsbook payment option. You can use personal checks, cashier checks, bankers drafts, money orders or ACH for electronic fund transfers.

Want to know how to withdraw money from FanDuel Sportsbook? To make a FanDuel withdrawal, you can use Check/E-Check, FanDuel PrePaid Card, and credit/debit cards. Withdrawals can take anywhere between 24 hours and seven working days, depending on which FanDuel withdrawal method you use.

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Using A Fanduel Prepaid Card

FanDuel Sportsbook offers bettors the option to make secure deposits and withdrawals via the FanDuel PrePaid Card, a branded version of the increasingly popular Play+ Card.

  • Sign up on the FanDuel website it will automatically attach to your sportsbook account
  • Fund the card using Visa, Mastercard, or ACH
  • Very high approval rate when loading funds
  • $0 bank card load fee
  • Standard and VIP Play+ load limits apply

Why Use A Prepaid Card For Online Gambling

The primary benefit of using a prepaid credit card over your actual credit card or debit card is an extra layer of security when betting online.

Your banking and credit information arent connected to a prepaid card, so this info cant be transmitted to merchants either. Using a prepaid card effectively allows you to keep your personal information private.

Many bettors also appreciate that prepaid cards do not require a credit check or line of credit. Plus, most prepaid cards have no monthly fees and no minimum account balance. Once purchased, you can typically add funds to your card online or reload it at participating retailers.

Most prepaid cards have no monthly fees and no minimum account balance.

Some prepaid cards, such as the Play+ card available at FanDuel, DraftKings, BetMGM, and other top online sportsbooks, can be used to withdraw funds from your sportsbook account as well as make deposits another benefit you wouldnt get with a conventional credit card.

Using a prepaid card is also a great way to manage your bankroll and gamble responsibly. A prepaid card is an extra step removed from your bank account or credit card and has no overdraft capability, which will make you think twice when topping up your sportsbook account.

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Advantages Of Gift Cards Over Debit/credit Cards

One key benefits of using a gift card is that it avoids you entering your card details on the sportsbook.

This is good for two reasons:

  • In case your phone has been hacked without you knowing.
  • If your bank blocks gambling transactions or you are applying for credit.
  • The latter is important if you are applying for a mortgage or loan.

    In some cases, mortgage companies may decline your application altogether if they see you making regular deposits to sportsbooks.

    Gift cards are also handy if you are new to sports betting or are skeptical of any new sportsbook websites. It allows you to deposit without handing over any financial details.

    Legality Of Sports Betting Gift Cards

    How to buy Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, BookMyShow Gift Cards at discount

    Physical sports betting gift cards will only be found in states where sports betting is legal. While half the nation has legalized sports betting, there will most likely only be certain states in which sports betting gift cards will be offered this holiday season.

    There is no age restriction when it comes to purchasing the gift cards themselves. However, those looking to actually transfer funds from the gift card to their sportsbook of choice will need to be of the legal age to bet on sports in their respective states.

    Most states, including New Jersey and Pennsylvania, have a legal sports betting age of 21 and up.

    The gift cards do not violate the UIGEA as the companies issuing the cards as well as the sportsbooks accepting funds from them are all regulated by state governments.

    In his career, Hasan has worked both local and state government positionsincluding the Attorney Generals Office in Florida. On top of being familiar with the legislative process, he has also been researching and writing on the legality of sports betting across the US. Outside of work youll most likely find him producing or playing music, playing sports, or working on creative writing projects. Youll also catch him at Doak Campbell Stadium cheering on the Noles.

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    How To Deposit Visa Gift Card To Fanduel

    Depositing funds to Fanduel using a VISA gift card is really straightforward and similar to how you would pay for any other items online.

    1. In Deposits select VISA Debit card.2. Enter your 16-digit number which you will find on the front of the gift card.3. Funds will automatically be credited to your account.

    Prepaid Cards From Sportsbooks

    Many of the most popular sportsbooks have partnered with financial services providers to offer their own prepaid cards. Youll often see sports betting sites promoting these branded cards as their most recommended deposit option.

    Prepaid cards offered directly from sportsbooks like the FanDuel prepaid card or DraftKings prepaid card have very high transaction approval rates when loading funds. They also often include additional perks such as extra rewards and bonuses. Its easy to add money to them using your credit card or a checking account, or in some cases, with cash at a participating casino.

    Some sports betting sites, such as FanDuel, have higher daily deposit limits associated with their prepaid cards than they do for regular credit or debit cards.

    To sign up for a sportsbook prepaid card, simply visit your favorite sportsbook website. Youll get a physical card in the mail a couple of weeks later, but youll be able to start loading the card and making deposits to your sportsbook right away.

    Many sportsbooks have partnered with a Las Vegas-based company, Sightline Payments, to offer branded versions of Sightlines Play+ platform. Other books, such as PointsBet, have branded versions of prepaid Mastercards or prepaid Visas. The fees vary and you need a separate prepaid card for each sportsbook you plan to visit.

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    Alternative Gift Card That Is Way Better

    You dont have to use Draftkings gift card to deposit on their site. As VISA and Mastercard have their own gift cards which you can use on Draftkings.

    There are 3 benefits or purchasing a VISA gift card over Draftkings:

  • You can use it on multiple sportsbooks and casinos i.e. not tied to just Draftkings.
  • Available in more stores and locations.
  • Use the card for in-store purchases.
  • VISA gift cards have that added benefit that they can be used used pretty much anywhere. From supermarkets such as Target and Home Depot to online store such as Amazon. Not only can you use it on different sportsbooks and casinos but can also use it to purchase items if youre strap for cash.

    You can also earn 1-3% cashback loyalty pointsevery time you purchase VISA or Mastercard gift cards. To find out more, check out gift cards for sports betting which shows you how.

    How To Make Withdrawals Using A Play+ Prepaid Card

    $250 Fanduel Gift Card

    An added benefit of a Play+ card is you can use it to withdraw from your sportsbook account. To access your winnings, simply withdraw them from your sportsbook account to your Play+ account.

    Beyond the sportsbook, your Play+ card functions the same as a Discover debit or credit card. You can use the card to make everyday purchases or even withdraw cash from a wide network of ATMs. Note that withdrawing from an ATM will incur an extra $2 fee , whereas a regular purchase will not.

    You also have the option of transferring the money back to your bank account. Note that in most cases this will incur a $2 charge.

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    Get Your Game On Card In Pennsylvania

    Enjoy sports in a whole new way with the Game On gift card. Game On cards are used to fund online accounts from the most popular sports betting sites. The Pennsylvania Game On gift card can be used on FanDuel, DraftKings, Parx Casino, and BetRivers.

    Game On cards are the first Pennsylvania sports betting gift cards. Use your gift card funds at one or all of the betting sites featured on the card. The funds dont expire and there are no fees! Get the Pennsylvania Game On gift card for fans of any sport and anyone who enjoys online sports betting.

    Fanduel Sportsbook Payment Options

    Commercial Content. Play Responsibly. 21+

    One aspect that makes up a good sportsbook is the number of payment options you have at your disposal. The more options you have, the easier it can be to make payment transfers to and from your FanDuel account. In this review, well take a look at your FanDuel Sportsbook payment options and the terms and conditions of making deposits/withdrawals from each available method.


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    Paynearme: Similar To Prepaid Gift Cards But Better

    Finding the right prepaid gift card can be troublesome due to card issuers varying policies regarding online betting, but customers have similar alternatives that work every time.

    The closest alternative is PayNearMe, which is a prepaid voucher that works closely with the legal gambling industry. PayNearMe is highly convenient for three reasons:

    • Most betting sites accept PayNearMe
    • PayNearMe deposits are always successful
    • Bettors can find PayNearMe vouchers at many retailers, including 7-Eleven, CVS, and Family Dollar

    In summary, PayNearMe works in the same basic manner as a prepaid gift card, but it boasts much higher success rates.

    Read more here:

    Prepaid Gift Cards For Online Sportsbooks

    How to Buy and Sell Giftcards with Cryptocurrency – Get Discount Gift Cards

    Most sportsbooks accept gift card deposits, but bettors must choose the right brand to ensure a successful transaction. Prepaid Visa cards have the highest acceptance rates, while gift cards from other brands work less often.

    Some bettors report success with Vanilla Visa gift cards purchased at pharmacies and convenience stores, but individual results may vary. There are two ways bettors can ensure they pick the right prepaid gift card.

    First, they can visit a retailer in person and call the number on the back of any gift card to ask customer support if they may use the gift card to fund legal online sportsbook accounts.

    Alternatively, bettors can contact customer support at their mobile sportsbook of choice for tips on picking a prepaid gift card. The customer support team will either tell them which gift card brands have the highest acceptance rates or provide them with a similar but alternative deposit method.

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    Can You Use A Prepaid Card On Fanduel


    FanDuel sportsbook is one of the most popular legal online and mobile sports betting platforms in the United States. It offers a wide variety of different sports markets to bet on and is rapidly expanding its presence across the country. One of the most common queries that people ask from users of the FanDuel website is, Can I use a prepaid card?

    The answer to this question is yes. In fact, FanDuel has its own branded prepaid card available for customers. The beauty of using this card is that it provides a fast and easy way to deposit and withdraw while playing online. It is a fantastic way to manage your money, and you can use the card anywhere that Discover® is accepted. Moreover, Fanduel Prepaid Card has a high approval rate when adding funds, and it is simple to use.

    As good as the operator may be, we recommend playing withDraftKings sportsbook instead, who are offering a $1,000 new customer free bet when you join at sportsbook.draftkings.com.

    You can sign up to FanDuel at fanduel.sportsbook.com and claim a $1,000 risk-free bet!

    The sportsbook is available in several US states, including New Jersey, Indiana, West Virginia, Colorado, Tennessee, Illinois, Michigan, Virginia, & Pennsylvania.

    Draftkings Bitcoin And Ethereum Deposits

    PC Game Supply is users connection to higher gift card deposit amounts and cryptocurrency deposits. Bettors can visit PC Game Supply to buy DraftKings gift cards in increments ranging from $5 to $250 and pay for them with PayPal or cryptocurrency to receive e-mail delivery of their digital gift cards.

    Users can get started by visiting the PC Game Supply DraftKings sales page to choose an increment and a payment method. PC Game Supply accepts PayPal, Bitcoin, and Ethereum.

    Users who select PayPal must have a personal bank account linked to their PayPal account to complete the purchase. Those who select Bitcoin or Ethereum must have a funded cryptocurrency wallet, which they can use to send the crypto to an address supplied by PC Game Supply. After completing the purchase, most users receive their digital gift cards almost instantly via e-mail. From there, they can redeem the digital redemption code by logging in to DraftKings, visiting the cashier, and choosing credit or debit card as their deposit method.

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    Other Deposit Methods You Should Know About

    An important part of line shopping and planning your bets is ensuring you have funded accounts at multiple online betting sites.

    Youll need to understand which deposit methods are accepted at your sportsbook, as well as the timing, transaction fees, benefits, and restrictions associated with each method.

    Here are some of the other ways of funding your account you should know about:

    • PayPal


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