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Where To Buy Visa Debit Gift Cards

Find Your Initial Balance And Track Card Value

Can You Use Visa Debit Gift Card On Wish App?

Before you use your card you should know your cards initial balance, and remember to track your remaining balance after each purchase.

You can check your card balance by visiting the website of your card issuer or calling their toll-free customer service number.

If you would like to make a purchase for an amount greater than the balance on your card, youll need to use a second form of payment to cover the differencejust tell the cashier in advance the amount youd like applied to your gift card. The balance will then need to be paid with the second payment method.

Target Redcard: Best For Gift Card Discounts

The Target RedCard is available exclusively for purchases made at Target, which means it is rather limited. However, this card doesnt have an annual fee, and youll get perks like 5 percent off everything you buy at Target and, free shipping on most items and exclusive offers and savings.

Why this card is ideal for gift cards: The Target RedCard also lets you save 5 percent off specialty gift cards for travel, restaurants, subscription services and more.

Visa Travel Card Features

  • 24 hour cash access. Use your Travel card to make purchases worldwide at merchants that accept Visa or obtain local currency at any ATM that displays a Visa symbol.
  • Variable purchase amounts. Visa Travel cards can be purchased in any amount .
  • Multiple Cards. You can purchase additional cards that allow you to access the same funds. Each additional card will have its own unique PIN. You can give them to travel companions, or keep them as instant replacement cards in case your card is lost, stolen or damaged.

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Starbucks Rewards Visa Prepaid Card

Just as Chase Liquid prepaid card, Chase Bank brings this card to you. It has an app, which you can use to operate your card. You can check your balance and monitor your expenditure closely. In addition, set customized messages and email alerts to get updates on anything concerning your card.

You can buy goods from online stores as well as at Visa Accepting physical shops and service providing points. Every time you use the card for transactions, you earn stars.

Above all, there are no monthly or loading fees. In every $10 you spend, you can get one star. It is good to note that, with this card, your money is secure. The chip technology ensures that only you can authorize any sort of transaction using the card. Get the card here.

Best Prepaid Debit Cards With No Atm Fees

Visa debit gift card balance

No matter what other features your prepaid debit card offers, fee-free ATM withdrawals can be the most valuable after all, what use is direct deposit if you cant get to your money without paying big fees?

But its not enough to simply offer $0 ATM withdrawals if there are no conveniently located ATMs. These cards have extensive ATM networks that allow you to take out funds, for free, at thousands of locations across the country.

The American Express Serve® makes it easy to withdraw money, offering $0-fee withdrawals at tens of thousands of MoneyPass® ATMs around the country. Non-MoneyPass® withdrawals come with a $2.50 fee, plus any ATM-operator fees.

  • Reload for free at over 45,000 locations including CVS/pharmacy®, Dollar General®, Walmart® and more
  • Pay $0 activation fee & $0 card fee when you buy online
  • Pay $4.95 monthly fee

In addition to free withdrawals, the card also offers free transactions, as well as free reloads at over 45,000 retailer locations, including CVS/pharmacy, Walmart, and participating 7-Eleven locations.

The Chase Liquid® Prepaid Card offers free withdrawals at thousands of Chase bank branches and bank-owned ATMs around the country. Non-Chase ATM withdrawals will charge a $2.50 fee, plus any applicable ATM-owner fees.

  • Add funds through direct deposit, cash loads at Chase branch, bank transfer, or check deposits
  • Pay $0 for PIN or signature transactions
  • Pay $4.95 monthly fee

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Amazoncom Gift Card In A Birthday Cupcake Tin

as of March 28, 2022 6:15 pm


  • Pay just 2.6% + $0.10 per swipe for Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express
  • See deposits in your bank account in one to two business days, or enable Instant Deposit for 1% per deposit to get your money in seconds
  • The Lightning connector works with Lightning-enabled Apple devices running iOS 10.0.2 or later
  • The reader is fast, secure, and easy to use.
  • Receive $10 in free processing when you activate your Square account One $10 redemption per Square account Terms & Conditions apply

Check Your Visa Gift Card Balance

Please have your gift card ready when you check the balance.

If you purchased or received a Visa gift card right from Gift Card Granny, visit our Visa balance check page for current balance information.

For Visa gift cards not purchased on Gift Card Granny, you must contact the financial institution responsible for your gift card in order to check the balance Visa is unique in that it doesnt provide gift card balances or transaction information for its gift cards.

Here are the most common issuing banks and providers of Visa gift cards:

See our Visa Gift Card fee schedule.

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Adding Visa Gift Cards To Apple Pay Or Google Pay

Before you add a Visa Gift Card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay accounts, make sure it’s activated. Please note that Virtual Visa gift cards are able to be added to Apple Pay and Google Pay Wallets, but are not able to be used at a cash register or physical point-of-sale systems. Also please note that at this time, Gift Card Granny Visa and Mastercard gift and reward cards can not be added to Apple Pay or Google Pay.

If you already have Apple Pay set up on your device, open the Wallet app and tap the plus sign icon or Add card. Take a picture of the gift card with your phone or manually enter in the information. Tap next. If need be, verify the card with the issuing bank or gift card provider. After confirming, tap next.

Open the Google Pay app and tap Payment. Then, tap the plus sign icon or Add credit or debit card button. You can take a photo of the Visa Gift Card or enter it in yourself. You may be asked to verify your payment method before proceeding. Enter in the provided verification code.

Best Prepaid Debit Cards With No Signature Transaction Fees

Can You Use Visa Debit Gift Card On Only Fans?

In general, in-person digital payment transactions are verified in one of two ways: with a PIN number, or with a signature. Although the majority of retailers and merchants will happily accept a PIN-authorized transaction, some only allow signature-based authentication.

While this can mean trouble for some prepaid cardholders, the cards below wont charge you an extra fee for signature-verified transactions, giving you the option to use your card with more merchants.

Variable Monthly FeeNot applicable

Although this card has a $4.95 monthly fee, PIN and signature transactions alike are free. Keep in mind that youll need to use your PIN if you wish to get cash back with your purchase to avoid ATM fees.

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Can I Create A Pin

Yes – you can create a pin on the Gift Card website by selecting “My Pin” under the My Settings tab.

You can also request one at the time you activate your card using the toll-free number on the sticker. There is no charge for using the voice response system. If you activate your card on the website, you will need to call to request a PIN.

Can I Get An Overdraft With A Prepaid Card

Most service providers allow you to use what you have on the card. Upon exhausting the previously loaded money, you then need to reload again to continue enjoying the service. Some companies allow you to recharge your card online while others require you to visit their offices physically.

However, there can be a specific agreement with your service provider to allow you to borrow money and pay later. That is possible if you have a good record of paying debts.

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Chase Freedom Unlimited: Best For Drugstores

The Chase Freedom Unlimited starts you off with a $200 cash bonus when you spend $500 within three months of account opening. You also earn at least 1.5 percent back on all purchases, 5 percent back on travel booked through Chase Ultimate Rewards, 5 percent back on Lyft purchases , 3 percent back on dining and drugstore purchases and 1 percent back on other purchases. No annual fee applies.

Why this card is ideal for gift cards: The Chase Freedom Unlimited lets you earn 3 percent back when you buy gift cards from drugstores.

Can I Use My Gift Card At Merchants Where A Tip May Be Appropriate

2000 Easy Ultimate Rewards Points this week from Staples

Yes. To make an online or phone purchase, youll need to register your card by visiting, entering your username in the Username field and clicking Sign In. Please note, if you have not created a username for your gift card, select Need Username? under the Username field. After signing in, select My Profile under My Settings and enter your name, address and phone number.

Be sure the balance on your card is enough to cover the bill and the tip. If not, the transaction will be declined.

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Can You Earn Credit Card Rewards Doing So

One major benefit of using a credit card to pay for gift cards is the fact you can earn rewards on your purchase. If you plan to give someone a $50 gift card for their birthday, for example, you could buy a gift card with plastic and earn points or cash back on that purchase, whereas you wouldnt earn anything if you gave them a $50 bill instead.

Just make sure you pick the right type of rewards credit card for your gift card purchases. Some rewards credit cards only let you earn cash back, while others offer flexible rewards or points you can use in a specific airline or hotel program.

Are Prepaid Cards Different From Credit Cards

Prepaid cards are very different from credit cards. At least debit cards are almost similar to prepaid cards because both require you to use what you have unless there are other agreements with your card issuer. However, in the case of a debit card, the money you use is just a loan of some sort. You have to pay the money later at the end of month.

The physical appearance of prepaid cards and credit cards is the same. It leaves many people confused and some tend to think that the two are the same. That is not true. The logos from the respective companies such as Visa, MasterCard, or American Express only show the issuer but do not indicate that the cards are similar.

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Visa Gift Card Payments Faq

What method of payment can I use to purchase Visa gift cards? accepts Visa, Mastercard®, Discover®, and American Express® credit and debit cards registered to U.S. addresses. Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase additional gift cards. We dont presently accept international orders.

Are there any fees associated with Visa eGift cards?

eGifts are delivered electronically and can only be used for online or over the phone purchases. There are no shipping fees for eGift cards. Refer to our Purchasing Fee Schedule page for more information.

Best Prepaid Debit Cards With No Pin Transaction Fees

Can You Use Target Debit Visa Gift Card On Paypal

In most of the world, signature-based payment verification has fallen by the wayside, replaced almost entirely by PIN-based verification. While the US has yet to adopt PIN-based verification for credit card transactions, debit card purchases have long required the more secure authentication method.

Many prepaid cards distinguish between PIN and signature transactions, and they will often charge more for PIN-based transactions in per-transaction payment plans. Choose a prepaid card with a monthly plan to avoid paying fees for each PIN transaction.

Up-to $9.95 monthlyNot applicable

Another card with multiple payments options, this card offers two types of monthly plans, both of which include fee-free PIN transactions, as well as fee-free signature transactions. PIN transactions have a $2.00 per-transaction fee under the pay-as-you-go plan.

The Chase Liquid® Prepaid Card allows users to make fee-free transactions by PIN or by signature, as well as online, though it does charge a small $4.95 monthly fee.

  • Add funds through direct deposit, cash loads at Chase branch, bank transfer, or check deposits
  • Pay $0 for PIN or signature transactions
  • Pay $4.95 monthly fee

In addition to paying $0 for transactions, cardholders can use Chase ATMs to make fee-free withdrawals, plus enjoy multiple free ways to add funds to their card.

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How We Make Money

The offers that appear on this site are from companies that compensate us. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site, including, for example, the order in which they may appear within the listing categories. But this compensation does not influence the information we publish, or the reviews that you see on this site. We do not include the universe of companies or financial offers that may be available to you.

Visa Gift Card Security

At Gift Card Granny, not only do we make it our mission to save you money, but we understand that your privacy is of the utmost importance.

When you buy a Visa gift card online from our site, rest assured that youll receive the correct gift card with the promised balance through a secure order. We will also protect your personal information during the transaction. This includes any sensitive details and data.

For inquiries about the security of your personal information, contact our customer service team. For more information on why and how we collect and store personal data, please see our privacy policy.

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Best Prepaid Debit Cards And Alternatives: Summary




We looked at 40 reloadable prepaid debit cards offered by some of the biggest banks, credit unions and prepaid debit card issuers. Where multiple card plans existed, only the basic monthly fee plan was considered.

We analyzed four categories for each card: general fees and features, purchases and withdrawals, reload fees and options, and other services such as bill pay and savings accounts. The cards that made this list had the best combination of these categories. Some cards in this roundup have nonbank program managers that partner with banks. Regardless, all the cards issuers are banks that insure consumers money through the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. No cards above have overdraft fees.

Prepaid debit cards that we considered included:ACE Elite Visa Prepaid Debit Card, American Express Serve, Bluebird by American Express, Fifth Third Access 360° Reloadable Prepaid Card, Green Dot Prepaid Visa Card, Mango Visa Prepaid Card, Netspend Prepaid Card, PayPal Prepaid Mastercard, RushCardPrepaid Visa Card.

We also looked at three alternative, or non-traditional, accounts from financial institutions: Chime, GoBank, Moven.

What the ratings mean:

Bluebird By American Express

Vanilla Visa Debit Gift Card  Card Amount: $25.00 ...

The card issuer charges no monthly fee and no loading fee. Moreover, you will not incur charges concerning annual fees. The activation fee is zero. It shows that the card is economical to acquire as well as to use it since there are very few expenses during and after receiving it.

You can recharge the card via direct deposit, using mobile check capture, by debit card transfer, or at any Walmart center. It is one of the most available cards to use due to its flexibility and convenience.

Moreover, accessing ATM services with this card is free across the country. Interestingly, no credit checks during the issuing of the card. Again, no minimum balance required at all. Apply for the card here today.

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Reasons An Order May Have Been Cancelled

Your Visa gift card order may be cancelled for the following reasons: 1. The delivery address or email was deemed undeliverable.2. The personal or payment information provided did not match the details on file at your banking institution.3. Our third-party risk analysis partner refused to accept your order for compliance purposes.

How To Check Your Visa Gift Card Balance

The only way to check the remaining balance of your Visa gift card is to visit the website of the card issuer or call the toll-free service number on the backside of the card.

So there you go, youve learned how to use a Visa gift card online and how to solve nearly all the issues youll run into when trying to use the card to make purchases online.

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What Is A Prepaid Card

Prepaid cards are technically a type of debit card. Issued by a financial institution or credit card companyVisa, MasterCard, and Discover all offer themthey are deposited or “loaded” with a certain amount of money. They then can be used in person or online to purchase items or pay bills. They can also be used at ATMs to withdraw cash.

Just like regular credit cards, prepaid credit cards have a number and an expiration date printed on the front or back, and they generally can be used in the same places. The amount of money deposited or “loaded” onto the card represents the card’s credit limitthat is, how much can be charged on it. Once the balance on the card had been exhausted, the card is worthless, unless more funds are deposited on it. In fact, a prepaid debit card can be used repeatedly, so long as the cardholder keeps adding money to the card. It may carry a monthly fee, however.

Although the terms are often used interchangeably, these prepaid cards are not the same as prepaid credit cards. Requiring an application, a credit check, and approval from the issuer, a prepaid credit card functions like a regular : the cardholder can maintain an outstanding balance, receives monthly statements, etc. The key difference is that approval for the card is contingent on a security depositcollateral for the issuer, in case the cardholder falls delinquent in their payments.


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