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Where To Sell My Amazon Gift Card

Buy An Online Subscription

How To Sell Your Amazon Gift Cards For CASH!

Similar to the Google Play credits, you can also buy gift cards for entertainment services like Netflix Hulu, etc., and use them to pay for your subscription fees.

So, next time instead of paying with a credit/debit card, you can start using Amazon gift cards to buy Netflix gift cards. And then youll be able to pay for a subscription using those gift cards. Similarly, you can do the same for all other services like Hulu, Spotify, Disney+, and more. Sadly and surprisingly, Amazon Prime Video is an exception here.

Sell To Family & Friends

Amazon offers such a variety of products for sale, that its likely that one of your friends or family members is planning to make a purchase from Amazon soon. Since you already have a relationship, its also likely that they would be willing to help you out by buying your gift card.

You can offer them a slight discount on the cards value to make it more enticing, or they may be kind enough to buy it from you at face value. The nice thing about this type of transaction is that you already trust your buyer, and there are no additional fees involved with the sale.

How To Convert An Amazon Gift Card To Cash

Amazon wont let you return the gift card for cash, and you can’t ask the person who gave you the card to take it back and give you money instead.

Luckily, you can exchange your gift card for cash in numerous other ways, as presented in the table below:

  • Snacks
  • Household items

Use the gift card to buy them and keep the equivalent amount in cash next time you get a paycheck

Use CoinStarCoinStar has kiosks all over the country that you can use to exchange gift cards for cash. This method only works with physical cards since you have to insert them into the machine

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What Are Other Options For Getting Rid Of Unwanted Gift Cards

Maybe you’re not as online savvy as you’d like to be, and you’re looking for other options to rid yourself of your Target gift card. Or, you still want to earn cash, but the idea of stopping by the post office or shipping your card out via FedEx seems like more effort than you’re willing to make.

Maybe you’re completely unconcerned with the idea of earning cash from your gift card, and you want to ensure that the card goes to good use since you don’t need it. Whatever the case may be, we have a solution for you.

Earn Cash For Unwanted Cards

How to sell your Amazon gift card

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2022-02-16 +234******7353 Google 200 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +234******1563 iTunes 50 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +234******8569 Google 50 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +233******3163 Google 100 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +1717*****8526 Steam 100 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +233******6396 Xbox 100 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +234******8699 Razer 50 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +234******2345 Steam 20 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +1575*****4581 Sephora 300 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +234******3451 Vanilla 200 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +234******1585 Vanilla 50 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +234******5125 iTunes 25 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +233******2426 Steam 50 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +234******3246 Vanilla 500 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +234******8864 CashApp100 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +234******8421 ebay 200 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +234******8965 Razer 100 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +234******2615 iTunes 50 Successful transaction

2022-02-16 +233******2463 Google 50 Successful transaction

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Gameflip Is The Safest Way To Sell Amazon Gift Cards For Cash

Gameflip is the simplest way to sell unwanted Amazon gift cards for cash. You can sell any unused, prepaid and non-reloadable gift cards on Gameflip. Popular gift cards on Gameflip are Steam cards, PSN, Xbox Live, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play cards.

Your Amazon gift card will be listed in front of the thousands of buyers participating in the marketplace. To sell Amazon gift cards quickly, set the price between 2% and 15% off the original amount. Depending on the popularity of your Amazon gift cards, you may need to adjust the asking price to attract buyers.

Simply list your Amazon gift cards using our website or our free mobile app. We recommend choosing auto-delivery for fastest and smoothest transaction. After the buyer receives your git card code, redeems and completes the transaction by rating, the sale proceeds are immediately deposited into your Gameflip wallet. You can choose to withdraw your sale proceeds any time.

How To Sell An Amazon Gift Card

Advertising Disclosure

There may come a time when you receive an Amazon gift card for one way or another. Maybe it came from a survey site that only pays out in Amazon gift cards or maybe you received it as a gift.

Whatever the reason may be, you may not need it and are looking for ways to exchange it for some cold-hard cash.

Thankfully, Amazon gift cards are a hot commodity, so this often means you will get almost an equal value for your card, but in the gift card selling world, you do need to be careful as a lot of scams do exist. This is why you need to tread carefully. One wrong buyer and they can claim they never received it, leaving you without cash and your gift card.

In todays post, I wanted to talk about the many ways you can sell your Amazon gift card for cash, even Bitcoin. Some options are almost instant, while some may take a few days. Nonetheless, there should be an option for all.

Below, you will find a variety of ways you can take advantage of right now.

Lets begin!

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Check Your Remaining Amazon Gift Card Balance

The first step before getting cash back for your Amazon gift card is to check the remaining balance on it. Heres what you need to do:

Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance ViaInstructions
  • Select the Check Gift Card Balance feature
  • Provide us with front and back photos of your gift card and confirm your email address
  • Ways To Trade/sell Your Amazon Gift Card For Cash

    SellMeGiftCard.com – Perfect Way to Sell your Amazon Gift Cards!

    by Saeed – Last Updated September 24, 2020

    How do you trade or sell your Amazon gift cards for cash?

    Here is a scenario:

    Lets say somebody bought you a generous $500 .

    You are beside yourself.

    You thank them a thousand times and cant wait to use the card.

    The only problem is that you dont actually need anything that Amazon sells . Lets just say you would rather have that $500 in cash because you have to pay your rent or some other bill.

    Need Easy Extra $300+/Month for Free?InboxDollarsDaily Goodie BoxPanda ResearchKashKickSurvey JunkieSwagbucks

    Amazon wont exchange the card for you with cash. And if you were to buy something and then return it, they could only credit your account, which gets you nowhere.

    You cant ask your friend to take the card back and give you cash instead.

    So what can you do?

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    How Can I Turn Amazon Gift Card Into Cash In Nigeria

    If youre residing in Nigeria, get ready to turn your gift cards into cash. People tend to exchange gift cards with cash these days. There are several different types of gift cards that can be sold for cash. These include Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, iTunes gift cards, Sephora gift cards and many more. Got some Amazon gift cards? Time to turn them into cash!

    Flip Items Purchased On Amazon

    Are you an entrepreneur that relishes the idea of thinking outside the box?

    Selling items for a profit that you purchased with your Amazon gift card is a prime example of making money with retail arbitrage.

    There is an extra step or two involved to make money, but it can be an enjoyable experience and more profitable than selling it for a discount online.

    Plus, if you are an or own an Amazon credit card, you can earn cash rewards that can maximize your profit even more.

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    Check Back With Amazon

    Now, this might seem a little unconventional to some, but what the heck its worth a shot. Have you considered the possibility of selling the card back to Amazon?

    Its possible they might be interested in repurchasing it from you, and all you need to do is ask them. Worst case scenario, they might turn you down, so what?

    But if they do say yes, there is a good chance that you may get the full monetary value back for your gift card.

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    Sell Amazon Gift Card In Nigeria  Payculiar

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    Donate Your Unused Gift Cards

    Its also possible to donate your unused gift cards to charitable organizations. You can look for a local charity that buys food or essential items at Amazon.

    Another option is buying items with your gift card and donating them. Examples can include canned food or baby diapers.

    If a charity will write you a receipt for the donation, you can claim it as a charitable contribution at tax time.

    Some charitable gift card websites like Gift Cards 4 Change will accept gift card donations.

    This might not be the most lucrative option. However, it helps a good cause and gives the funds to someone that needs the money more than you do.

    Where Can I Sell Itunes Gift Cards

    Game Flip allows you to sell iTunes gift cards on their site, and, in fact, iTunes cards are one of their more popular resale items. Once you’ve created a user account, complete with login and password, you’re able to register your card within the platform and, hopefully, resell it.

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    Amazon Gift Card Exchange In A Nutshell

    How to Sell Gift Cards safely and at the Best Price (Amazon, google play, iTunes, Steam, Xbox, etc)

    While an Amazon gift card can be a dream present for some, you may not feel that way. If your friends or family have made an error in judgment by buying you an Amazon gift card, know that you can exchange it for cash in several ways.

    DoNotPay is here to explain how to turn a gift card into cash and give you helpful pointers on performing an Amazon gift card exchange!

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    Video Result For Sell My Amazon Gift Card

    How To Sell Your Amazon Gift Cards For CASH!
    How to Sell Gift Cards safely and at the Best Price…
    How to sell Amazon gift card || Exchange Amazon gift…

































    Benefits Of Selling Gift Cards For Cash On Zingoy

    Here are some of the reasons:

    • Listing gift cards for sale in a simple 2-step process.
    • Uses the most secure and safe payment gateway to keep your personal and bank details secure.
    • Verifies all buyers, sellers, and gift cards listed on its site.
    • In case you have physical gift cards to sell when you list them here, and we convert them into virtual gift cards without changing their value and validity. Thus you dont have to ship physical gift cards to a buyer.
    • If you change your mind and no longer want to sell your gift card, you can easily de-list it, if it has not been sold yet.
    • Your gift cards are listed with all other gift cards, thus they get as much visibility as gift cards sold by other brands or other gift card stores.

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    Get Bitcoin With Paxful

    I know Im talking about cash here, but if you dont mind Bitcoin, you can use a platform like Paxful to get Bitcoin for an Amazon gift card you already have.

    To use it, you just need to enter your Amazon gift card amount and then search the offers on the site.

    In those results, you can then look at the buyers who want to buy from you, their feedback as well as what they are buying. For instance, when I did a quick search, I found more than 100+ people who wanted to buy my gift card, all with feedback in the thousands.

    I know Bitcoin isnt cash, but you can take one extra step and convert your Bitcoin into cash.

    Use Your Gift Card For Necessities Or Gifts And Pay Yourself In Cash

    Sell Amazon Gift Card Online Instantly (Easy and Fast)

    Another option for getting cash for your gift card is to use it to buy things youd normally buy at Amazon and then take the cash from your checking account for yourself.

    Heres how it works. You go to Amazon and shop for things youre going to buy anyway. Maybe its a toiletry item such as shampoo, toilet paper, cat food or maybe its even a gift you have to buy for an upcoming birthday.

    With thousands of items to buy on Amazon theres certain to be something there you would have bought anyway at a different store.

    If its an item you would have spent the cash on anyway, just pay for it with the gift card, withdraw your cash from your bank account and do with your cash bounty what you will. Win win!!

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    How To Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

    Aside from getting lucky and receiving gift cards from your friends or family, here are the best ways to get Amazon Gift Cards for free.

  • Start a blog or YouTube channel and sign up for to share affiliate links through your posts.
  • Use program to exchange unwanted devices, electronics, video games, and more for Amazon Gift Cards.
  • Earn Amazon Gift Cards by taking surveys .
  • In this article, well go through ways to use your Amazon Gift Cards besides Amazon. While these methods work directly for people in the US, others can also benefit from most of the services using a VPN.

    How To Sell Amazon Gift Card For Cash Or Naira In Nigeria Or Cedis In Ghana

    Amazon gift card is also the best form of gifts card you can receive from your loved ones. Owing to the fact of its usability. Unlike iTunes gift card, It can be used to purchase goods and wonderful products from amazon store. I once used an Amazon gift card sent to me by a very good friend of mine to purchase an e-book from Amazon {The art of War). Well, not most of us will want to purchase online on amazon store with our gift cards. There are still a lot of people who prefers to sell then for cash or convert them to bitcoin for other monetary purposes.

    How To Sell Amazon Gift Card For Cash In Nigeria, Ghana, Malaysia,Kenya, South Africa

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    How To Sell Or Swap Gift Cards

    Turn your unwanted gift cards into cash .

    Forget socks did Santa bring unwanted gift cards?

    If you’re now the proud owner of some gift cards you’re just never going to use, have no fear. Instead of dumping those unwanted gift cards in your junk drawer for future regifting, why not try your hand at selling or swapping them online?

    Keep Your Online Safety In Check

    Sell Amazon gift cards for cash.

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    Top Stores Which Sell Gift Vouchers Like Hot Cakes

    You can get the best value for your gift cards if they are from some of our top stores. It will hardly take you an hour to sell your gift card if it is an , Flipkart gift card, BookMyShow gift card, Lifestyle gift card, Shopperstop gift card, BookMyShow gift card, KFC gift card, Cleartrip gift card, Vero Moda gift card or a gift card from other such popular stores.


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